Backlink Building Techniques for Good

In the world of SEO, backlinks are crucial to the advancement of a blog though is not only seen from the number of backlinks alone, but can affect the pagerank backlinks a blog provided by Google. The more the number of backlinks, then certainly the better the position of the eyes of search engines blog, of course with quality backlinks, backlink not random. So how to get quality backlinks? Yes, you can use the method of buy links. By purchasing, you certainly have the right to choose a quality blogs to support the position of your blog.

Some Good Backlink Building Techniques.

High pagerank backlinks from a blog better than the blogs that do not have a low pagerank or pagerank, as blogs have pagerank is a blog that is considered important for search engines. The higher the pagerank of the blog, the more quality backlinks that you can.

Backlik Dofollow attribute better than the nofollow attribute backlinks, to know the reason why? yupz! attribute "Nofollow" is the command to ignore the link, so that search engines do not explore these links further. But you need to remember! never mind if the nofollow or dofollow blog backlink that you will have a growing popularity / quality in the eyes of visitors and search engines.

Backlinks from the same blogs that have category better than the backlinks from different blogs category, mean? if your blog is categorized (Niche) game, you should seek backlinks from blogs that have category games too.

Backlink placement, usually it's often I encounter on List Blogroll! when you plant a link, you should place it in an accessible place like the HomePage / start page blog.

That was a few techniques to build good backlinks and you must already have their own techniques, hopefully the above techniques can add to the techniques that you have.


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