Best Lighting for Your Dorm Room

Poor lighting can pose a serious problem if you are a college student. Sometimes you want to study, while other times you want to have a party with your friends and each of these situations requires different lighting to match the mood and create a fitting atmosphere. Add wall sconces, desk lamps and fluorescent bulbs to your college checklist so your dorm room is in the best light possible.

If you are avid about your studies, wall sconces are an essential investment. These sconces shine just the right amount of light on your desk so that your work area is visible without excessive illumination. Your college checklist can also include desk lamps or floor lamps to bring light into a specific area. Choose multi-colored lamps of your college team if you want to show your passion and loyalty. Incandescent lamps are another type of lighting to consider for the entertainment area in your dorm room. These lamps emit very little heat while giving off a bright light for gaming and social gatherings.

The type of lighting that you choose is crucial to create a delightful atmosphere in your dorm room. Study areas are optimal with low light, while entertainment zones work better with brighter lighting. Use trial and error to find the lighting that works best for you and choose the arrangement that makes you and your roommates feel comfortable.


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